Sunday, May 6, 2012

International Bereaved Mothers Day

Today Tim bought two types of flowers for Sofia and we paid a visit to her on this International Bereaved Mothers Day. There were no gifts, no frills about THIS non-commercial 'holiday'. Just the memories of the children lost. Every time we visit her grave I try to think of her the way I held her just after she was delivered. The thought of her in the ground is almost too much for my mind to handle sometimes. I want to pick her up, to keep her warm, to kiss her face. Her little sister Rose resembles her so much, it's so very bittersweet.

As we placed the flowers in the vase and set a few of Sofia's things on her stone, Tim noticed that right in front of us was a lady bug on a blade of grass. How nice to see a sign from her; the timing was perfect. I didn't have my macro lens on me but I did manage to snap a few pictures.

From Our Rainbow
From Our Rainbow

Sofia, Sam ~ Mommy misses & loves you very, very much. XOXO

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