Monday, August 20, 2012

Plate = Sign

This morning started out like most mornings do; I got ready for work, fed Rose and took her to my parents' house. For some reason though, this morning as I pulled into their driveway, I looked up at my Dad's truck parked directly in front of me. I read his license plate (something I apparently have never done!). I was amazed at what I saw:
From Our Rainbow

Sofia's initials are 'SRL' (Sofia Rose Larson). My birthday is '8/22' (August 22nd).

I don't think at all that this was a coincidence. This week is my birthday - Wednesday in fact - and I've been missing Sofia like crazy lately. I believe that this was her way of sending me her birthday wishes.

Of course I cried thinking about it on my drive in to work, but I also had a good feeling. It is comforting knowing she is still around me. I'm thankful for the signs I see and will continue to keep my mind and heart open to them, since it's the only connection I have to her until we meet again in heaven.

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