Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Famous are not Exempt

A few weeks ago I was reading online about other parents who lost their babies to stillbirth.  The difference:  these were well-known celebrities.  I was surprised to learn about their losses - at least the ones I hadn't heard about before.  I've always felt that celebs are equal to myself & others and deserve consideration just as any other person, so it's understandable to me why many of their stories aren't hitting the media, because I assume they try to keep private whatever personal part of their lives they can.  On the other hand, I think about certain "news" stories that DO hit the airwaves (certain people come to mind with drugs, alcohol, financial loss, etc.) and I wish those who have lost babies had the strength & will power to use their fame to spread the word about this type of loss.

I can't confirm if these are all true but this is what I've read.  Supposedly these people have lost babies to stillbirth:

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (miscarriage & s/b daughter)
Oprah Winfrey
Sophia Loren
Barbara Bush (W's mom)
Katy Sagal (Married w/Children-she was prego thru the season & her character was expecting)
Annie Lennox (Eurythmics)
Kim Woodburn (How clean is your house?)
Marlon Jackson's twin brother, Brandon=s/b
Elvis Presley's twin brother, Jesse=s/b
Run from Run DMC & Run's House
Keanu Reeves

I'm sure there are many more out there.  This is reality folks.  It can happen to anyone.  I also came upon this blog that lists out several celebrities who've had miscarriages throughout the years.

This all just reconfirms what I already knew - we are all equal and nobody is exempt from this kind of grief.


  1. It's so true and I wish it was talke about more. Also Mariah Carey suffered a 2nd trimester loss before she had her twins.

  2. Very true, you know, it gets me SO angry, that these news people or celebs, whoever it may be, are always outing (we all know who they are) like you said, on their drug habits, or jail time and partying and what not. I wish they can have a celebrity or someone "famous" come and talk about their loss or whatnot. I think a LOT more could be done possibly to help like the March of Dimes.

    For me, I suffered from severe preeclampsia in both pregnancies. And when I tell my story, people look at me with that odd look on their face. Preeclampsia? Its as if I am speaking a foreign language. I dont want that to be the case anymore. So I have to work my little behind off to get it known. I wish I had the power to contact a local news station or something or daytime talk show and get my story out there. So more others can be aware. It needs to be spoken of more, just as stillbirth and misscarriage as well.

    Your blog is beautiful and I am so so sorry for the losses. I am praying one day you will have yoru sweet rainbow. xoxoxo

  3. What a reminder. I know that in the past I would get angry at how many celebs get everything....Since I've grown up a bit I realize that this is not so.

    By the way I love the blog redo. Did you do it or have it done? I love it nonetheless.

  4. Thanks ladies. :)

    TanaLee- the header is an image that I created in Photoshop. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. You will have a take home baby. I believe this with all my heart. I just lost my first baby at 38 weeks, and my husband and I are trying to recover. This just happened last week, and I've already learned so much about stillbirths and how "hush-hush" they are. No one talks about them until they know you've had one, and then it ends up that tons of people you know have had one or know someone very close to them who have had one. Please take comfort in knowing you are definitely not alone. We will have our take home babies :) No one can replace the babies we've lost, it's not about that. But of course we want a family, and we believe our little
    Vivian Rose would want that for us. We will see our angels again someday.

  6. VRH- I am so sorry for your very recent loss. Feel free to email me anytime as it is a long road that I'm still on and I'm sure you will need support in the coming months. I'm glad you have found blogs and hopefully other support as well. How sweet that your Vivian shares the same middle name as our Sofia. If you create a blog I'd love to follow it. Take care.

  7. This gives me so much hope, that one day I will bring home my rainbow baby!!