Saturday, May 14, 2011

Starting to love these modern 'juke boxes'

My sister & I were out at a Hallmark store today and in one part of the store they had one of those modern 'juke boxes' where you could press the different buttons to hear songs on CD's for sale.  Apparently one of the songs playing was annoying to my sister so she randomly pressed the button for a CD by Celtic Woman.  She then started talking and I interrupted her & asked, "don't you hear that!??".  She just looked at me then listened... then her eyes started welling up with tears.  Incredible.  Somewhere over the rainbow was playing.  Need I say more?  Andrea (my sister) said "hi Sofia" because we knew right then she was with us. This is the same type of 'juke box' (I'm not sure what they're really called) I heard the song on at Walmart back in December & blogged about then.  They were different versions of the song too.

We made a quick stop out at the Fashion Bug and I found something I couldn't resist.  Two lady bugs- seriously.  I HAD to have it. :) Kind of a fun Spring/Summer ring to wear this season.

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  1. Love that your sister acknowledged Sofia's presence. :)

    All these little signs to tell you she's okay.

  2. omg, i just saw all of the slideshow pics... had not seen some of those from her service before. i'm totally crying. wish i'd had the courage to do such a wonderful service for hayes. his service was nice, but i only invited family. such a regret. beautiful pics of her.

  3. I love that ring! I have been looking for things like that for...i don't