Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stillbirth Remembrance Day ~ 2012

Today is Stillbirth Remembrance Day. In some ways I find it strange because for me (and surely for all the other BLM's who remember their babies) it is Stillbirth Remembrance Day every day of the year. It's not something that can be forgotten. I do like that there is a specific day just for stillbirths though, and hopefully people sharing about it will help others somehow. Maybe some babies will be saved and less families will have to endure this type of loss.

It seems like I just posted about this - amazing how fast a year goes by. Last year at this time I was pregnant and filled with worry. This year we have Sofia's sister, Rose Maria in our lives.

Tonight (through my allergy fit) we visited Sofia and brought her some bright flowers.

Every day we think of her and wonder what she would be like right now had she lived. I think she would have long dark hair in pig tails and she would be giving our dogs a run for their money. I wonder what she will look like in heaven. Will she be the small baby we know or will she be grown... I hope that even though she left us as a baby that her spirit is able to comprehend how much we miss and lover her down here on earth.

We miss you Sofia. XXOO

From Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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