Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is here...

The temperatures are changing, leaves are turning, and October 12th will soon be upon us. Fall is a comforting season with warm homemade meals, jeans & sweatshirts, open windows and fires in the fire pit. It also gives me a sick feeling because two years ago at this time I was pregnant with our first child, Sofia Rose. How innocent and unknowing we were at the time of what was to come... Sometimes I want to go back to those days, where extreme excitement & happiness was just that - with no caveats. I wonder if I will ever feel that way again. I don't think I intentionally hold back happiness, it's just that a part of my heart is missing and forever will be. I'm thankful and grateful for everything that I do have. I just miss Sofia so much.

We plan to take time off of work to spend the day with Rose and do something as a family, in celebration of Sofia's life. Later in the evening we will go to the cemetery and for anyone who chooses to join us, we will recognize her 2nd birthday- in heaven.

From Sofia ~ 2 Years

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  1. I wish I had kept up with blogs. Happy belated birthday, Sofia. I hope it was a good day on the clouds! Beautiful invitation!