Saturday, September 17, 2011

It was a Lady Bug Week!

It's almost as if Sofia is trying to say hello...

I've said it before, but I have to say again that I work with/for some great people. When I think of the woman recently in the news who was told to remove her daughter's photos from her desk and how it made coworkers uncomfortable that she talked about her deceased daughter it made me sick. I can't even imagine that.  I also realize how fortunate I am to be on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to the workplace behaviors of others in relation to our loss.  It's not like I sit around talking sad stories every day but it's nice that I can mention things now & then without feeling bad.  And the thoughtfulness of others really is appreciated more than I can say.

My manager & friend, Sheila gave me this cute little ladybug. I recognized it right away because I had bought one for our siblings last Christmas (and wanted one but thought it might have been bad luck to buy myself a good luck token!). I'm so glad to have one now!! It sits on my desk in front of Sofia's photos.
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I thought this coloring was too cute! Sheila's son colored it and she thought of me. She told me not to feel bad about throwing it away...ha- like I'm going to throw it away! It's hanging on the wall at my desk. I love the little stars he colored on top of the antennae.
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This was a mystery bag I found in my desk drawer when I arrived to work Friday morning. Inside was a white gift box with tissue and a sticker sealing it. There wasn't a card or a name on the gift receipt inside so silly me wasn't sure if it was a gift for me or for someone else! It was actually quite comical trying to figure out who it was from.  Kind of a reverse scavenger hunt!
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I finally discovered it was indeed for me (the ladybug gave it away!) and the gift-giver, Tracie stopped by my desk. What a thoughtful gift! It will be perfect for Sofia's room (and for baby-to-be to enjoy). It was so nice of her to think of me, almost a year after our loss.
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It was a stressful week due to some home repairs & contractor issues (I'll save that for another day) but there was one little sign that Tim saw which made me smile. The day I was stressing over the house issue he was driving and saw a license plate in front of him that read, "LDYBG".

It's funny too, because just the week prior I was starting to think it had been awhile since we'd seen any 'signs' from the little girl. I was sad because I knew the chances of seeing a ladybug again this year were slim as we're heading quickly into the fall/winter season.  I guess she wanted to prove me wrong!

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  1. You have some very sweet, thoughtful people in your life, Lia! :)