Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Years Ago

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On June 2, 2001 I married my best friend.  So many new & fun experiences we've shared in these years that have flown by faster than we ever thought possible.  We've traveled, had job changes, our first apartment to our first house to building our current one.  We've had three pets (Mitty, Moose & Maggie) and dealt with all the normal challenges married couples do.

It seems like we were just walking up the aisle yesterday as husband & wife.  We were so young, but we were ready to start our lives together.  What we've experienced in the past 8 months is not at all how we thought the first decade of our marriage would end up.

We thought we would be raising at least one child by now, and doing all the fun & challenging things that go along with it.  Never in our wildest nightmares did we think we would be making weekly trips to the cemetery to visit with our daughter.  We didn't think we'd be missing out on parenting, something we both looked so forward to.  I never thought after having gone through such a horribly sad loss that only months later we would also lose our second child.

One thing we DID know however was that we would stand by each other, for better or for worse.  There was never any question about that.  While we were in the unfortunate (as if that's really the right word to describe our situation) pool of statistics to lose our child, we did NOT fall victims to the statistics of married couples who divorce or separate after such a loss.

We weren't young & naive kids getting married in our early 20's.  We were meant for each other and have had strong love for each other from the start.  We lean on each other.  When one of us is down, the other is strong.  It's a good balance, and it works for us.

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If I would have written a letter to my future self back on June 2, 2001, I probably would have had all kinds of expectations for myself and for us as a couple.  I probably would have said we'd have a dog, one or two kids, own a house, have good jobs, and travel, but who knows, it's been TEN YEARS! Maybe I wouldn't have thought that at all... As I sit back & reflect on how quickly the time passed us by, I wish I would have written such a letter to the future me, so I could read it now, and see how realistic my thoughts & expectations were back then compared to now.

I recently read on another BLM's (Laura's) blog post about a site where you can do just that - write a letter for the future, specify when you want it sent back to you, and it is delivered whenever you set it to.  I decided I'm going to write one to myself.  As many BLM's understand, I don't think about life in the far, far future like I used to.  Some days it is minute to minute, hour to hour, and so on... It would be silly to write a letter to myself for next week, so I think I'll write one for the future me, one year from now.  Who knows, I may even share it when the next year rolls around.

As for what all I'll put in the letter...well, we'll just have to see in a year...

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  1. Happy 10 years to you and your hubby. :)
    While I'm sure this isn't what you expected your life to look like at this point, I hope that when you open that letter to your future self at a later date, you're happy with your progress since "now".

  2. BTW, I heard somewhere over the rainbow today and thought of you and your beautiful Sofia.