Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 Months Today

How is it that 8 - EIGHT months have passed by so quickly?  Almost the same amount of time as I was pregnant with her.  With each passing day I'm further and further away from the day I last held my little girl.  We miss her terribly.

Today I caught myself thinking back on the hospital stay and all the events that took place before, during and after Sofia was born.  I was reliving the pain and fear and all that I went through.  Back then I was in sort of a mind-trance.  Shock.  It was one thing at a time, one minute at a time.  It's not until I reflect back on it that I can really see the magnitude of it all.  Did this all really happen, to us? Sigh...

I found a poem on another BLM's site today.  This courageous mom is a surrogate who has also experienced loss.  This was an older post of a poem she found when she had a miscarriage.

A growing leaf, green in color, has fallen prematurely. It has separated from the tree of life and landed in a pool of water, of many tears. It is a dark moment. A human tear lingers on the freshly fallen leaf... before it turns brown.
Drifting aimlessly
on a sea of grief and pain
the leaf cradles a teardrop.
Offers refuge.
Embodies hope.
Just as winter awakens to spring,
our deepest sorrow harbors the seed of hope renewed.
Hope renewed.

by Susan Ring.

From Slideshow

Love you, Sofia Rose.  XXOOXXOO


  1. As always, I am envious of the beautiful memorial and photos. I sure wish id had the courage to do something so wonderful for hayes. 8 months hit me very hard. I'm hoping 10 goes easier on me but its not looking way. Thinking of you and hoping y'all are doing as well as ypu can be.

  2. She wrote a really nice poem.