Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Full Rainbow in the Sky!!

Weather has been rainy & dreary for days on end.  That's normal for Spring but it sure makes it hard to be cheery some days.  (As if life itself isn't hard enough lately)  I was driving home from work yesterday and called my mom.  We were talking about the weather and how it started pouring down rain after I exited the interstate.  I made a comment to her that I was pretty certain we should be on the lookout for rainbows the way the sky was... Clouds in all directions and patches of sun & sky here & there.  Tim said it even hailed a little at our house before I got home.

I was wrapping up our phone conversation and as I turned into our neighborhood, right smack in front of me was a huge, FULL rainbow!!!  I was so excited and told my mom I had to get off the phone.  I told her which direction it was and she & my dad looked out & saw it too!!

I didn't have my good camera on me so I used my cell phone to capture what I could.  The rainbow was so huge I couldn't fit it all in the frame so I had to take three separate shots.  Not my ideal photography work but who cares, it's a FULL rainbow!! :)  It was so large and so close it was practically hugging me.

I definitely took that as a sign because I've had a rough couple of weeks and needed the pick-me-up.  I can't explain it but I've been in better spirits ever since.  I think Sofia knew I needed something happy so she did what she could to put on a show.  I'm sure I drove Tim nuts because after I took many photos I went in so we could eat dinner and I kept looking back out the front window.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how significant the timing was.  Usually after work I go directly home, but yesterday some coworkers talked me into going to the bar for a drink.  I figured I needed it to de-stress a bit and I never seem to get out much these days, so I went.  I told Tim I'd try to be home by 6pm but ended up not leaving the bar until around 6:15 (oops!).

If I would have gone straight home after work... If I would have left the bar at 5:45 (to get home by 6)... If I would have stayed for one more beer... I would not have seen that huge full rainbow! The timing was so precise.  About two minutes after I jumped out of my car to snap some photos, the full part of the rainbow began to fade away.  I continued looking at & photographing just the right side until I had to get inside for dinner.  It all lasted about 5 minutes and the rainbow was gone.

Later my mom called me back to tell me that earlier in the day she was looking at Sofia's photo and talking to her and asked if she was a rainbow baby.  (Not in the sense that she was what we BLM's call 'rainbow babies')  She thought that was interesting that in the same day we saw the rainbow.

Sure, it was the perfect weather combo for a rainbow to display... but why did it storm on that day, and why did the rain stop, the sun shine, and colors display before us?  We believe it to be a sign and we feel better because of it.

Here are some photos; they definitely don't reflect what we saw but at least they help tell the story:

Left side of rainbow

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Middle of rainbow

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Right side of rainbow

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Close up of just the right side, after the rest faded away

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  1. So cool! We've had a ton of rain, and I've been looking for rainbows but never saw one. I was thinking I'd send it to you if I found one. :) Glad you got your own!