Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sofia's Garden - Buying Stone

Last weekend we made a trip out to "The Rock Place" where we've shopped before for stone & rocks for landscaping.  We were on the search for something to border Sofia's rose garden to contain the mulch.  Originally we were going to cover the ground with small rock in combination with mulch at the base of each rose but we've since decided to go with all mulch since it'll be contained and (hopefully) we'll keep the dogs out of it the way we have it planned.

We found some nice red-toned stones to use as the border. They're similar to the old ones we have in our front yard.  (The ones in our front were once circling the tree at my parents house-my sister & I used to walk across them as kids.  They originally came from my Grandpa Morinelli (Dad's dad) who picked them up and loaded up his trunk-not truck, TRUNK of his car with them many, many years ago.  The stones were once part of a brick road.)  Since these matched so closely we decided they were just right so we hand picked the quantity needed and Tim loaded up the Jeep.

I had mentioned to Tim an idea of taking stones and hand painting things on them to place within her garden.  He had another great suggestion for them - to paint the name of the rose and place the stones in front of their respective plants.  He was pretty proud of himself for coming up with the idea-as he should be, I think it's a great one!  I'll probably paint something along with the name for an added touch...we'll see how I'm feeling at the time.

We carefully hand picked each stone making sure to get a different color for each rose for variety.

Can't wait to really get this garden started!!

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