Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ Songs & Signs

Tonight on my way home from work I called my mom.  She said earlier in the day she was listening/watching a program on TV with a symphony playing all kinds of songs.  She was flipping through the newspaper and came across a 'babies week' section and started thinking of Sofia.  She said she looked up at the photo they have of Sofia in the living room and asked if Sofia was here with us.  Then the symphony started to play none other than "Somewhere over the rainbow".  My mom then realized, yes, she is here.
A couple weeks ago my Aunt Donna (Sofia's Great Aunt) texted me to say she went in to Hobby Lobby to find something special for Sofia's stone.  She said she walked into the store and "Somewhere over the rainbow" was playing over the speaker system and when she turned to an aisle there were shelves of ladybug items.  I texted her to say I think she must want something ladybug related.  My aunt replied, then that's what she shall get!  She ended up getting her this decoration that has a ladybug at the bottom and one at the top.  A ladybug for Sofia and one for Sam.


  1. Sweet! I look for signs all the time but don't usually get them. :( still waiting and looking. Glad you are blogging more lately!

  2. The little ladybug thing is so cute! I love it when stuff like this happens.

  3. I love that song.

    I'm glad you see signs, I've never seen one. I imagine it must be a reassuring feeling to know your baby is sending you signals of love. :)