Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

This New Year's celebration was not as eventful as those in the past. Usually we either get dressed up and go out on the town or we hang out at a family or friends house. This year we celebrated alone. It wasn't a pity party by any means. Of course we weren't in a party mood but Other people had plans and we just decided to stay inside where it was warm & cozy. We had some wine and Tim cooked up a nice meal of beef tenderloin with a cognac sauce & baked potatoes. For dessert he made lemon ice cream with his awesome kitchen aid mixer ice cream bowl and used fresh blueberries for a sauce topping. It was very good. We watched a movie and played pool. We had the ipod going and even danced a little. The dogs thought that was fun so they danced too. We talked about Sofia and how much we wished she was here with us and said the only thing missing isn't a thing - it's our baby. At midnight we all (dogs included) ran upstairs to see the fireworks going off in our neighborhood. We have the perfect view of the skyline from our room. We talked about Sofia some more then called it a night. We survived 2010, now on to the new year. Hopefully this one has a better ending.

I decided to revamp my photography website a little by changing my logo. I wanted to somehow incorporate Sofia. Her little footprints are now part of my logo. I even learned how to add a Favicon to my website. It's pretty tiny but it's there! Much better than the generic one that was there previously. Tim took a few pictures of me so I could update my profile photo on the main page. Kinda hard to take them myself. You just can't get the same results with a tripod. He didn't do too bad. :)

After we were done with my photo shoot we went to visit Sofia's grave. We bought this "S" tile because it reminded us of her and thought it would be pretty & durable outside.

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When we first arrived to her spot lots of the decorations were blown over. We've had some strong wind lately so it must've really been blowing stuff around. We picked up what we could. The red poinsettias (to the left of her stone) were a few graves away. I picked them up and put them back in the vase. When we brought those back in December we added a single white rose. We found it pretty cool that the rose was now pink. I'm pretty sure the moisture from the snow landed on the red poinsettia leaves and it bled onto the white fabric of the rose, but we thought it was kind of cool. Maybe Sofia just likes pink ones. :)

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