Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's a blizzard out there today! I ventured out into the cold with my sister to run errands and the wind about blew us over. I had planned to visit Sofia's grave today but decided to hold until possibly tomorrow, when I can actually stand outside for more than two seconds. I kept thinking all day about all her decorations and hoping they are all still in tact. She already has so many pretty things for Christmas that will stand out against the white snow.

I made what seems to be a weekly pit-stop at Michael's craft store. I'm feeling very "crafty" these days. Sofia is the inspiration.

Normally I go in, get what I need & get out. Not today. I spent over an hour in that store! I walked down an aisle and saw a bin full of clearance items so I decided to browse. I didn't end up buying anything in the bin but I found it interesting that these were the items I randomly picked up out of the mess:
1) some sort of metal shield with a rose attached (for jewelry makers)
2) a bag of tiny gold & bronze charms in the shapes of dragonflies & butterflies
3) a large heart pendant

It might sound goofy or that I am making it into something it's not, but I took that as some kind of sign from Sofia. Maybe not, but maybe so...

As I drove home in the blizzard-like conditions, I watched the light snow blow across the road and for a second had a flash in my mind... If Sofia were here and riding in the back seat, I know I would have said to her, "Sofia, this is your very first blizzard!". Then I got sad because I know I'll never get to show her a blizzard. I'm not sad for her; she wouldn't know what the heck a blizzard is at nearly 2 months old. I'm sad for me. Those are the things I looked forward to so much.

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