Saturday, December 4, 2010


A few days after Sofia's funeral I drove around town with my two sisters-in-law trying to find a place that could quickly preserve  Sofia's flowers.  We had so many beautiful flowers & plants from so many people but we couldn't preserve them all (even though I wanted to!).  I did keep all the dried roses from the arrangements though, and have many plants that are still looking nice.  When it came to preserving flowers (professionally) we decided to only take in the flowers from Sofia's casket.  They made us think of her since they were so close to her that day, and because of all the baby roses & buds.  My favorite were the ones knotted in the pink ribbon like they used to do in "the old days".  So a few days after the service we took the flowers in to Memories Bi-Design to have them start the long process of preservation.
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I called to check on the status of our flowers a few days ago and they said they were ready for the next steps - for us to come in with any items we wanted to include in the shadow box along with the flowers.

I really wanted to include the metal cross that was at her service but to this day we have yet to find it.  I think it's gone forever.  No idea where it is.  So instead we focused on what we do have in the little pink box in Sofia's room.  We picked a blanket with pastel colors that was given to us at the hospital, the candle that was used during her blessing at the hospital, the little bunny she held in her bassinet, the birth announcement (born into heaven), and her foot prints.  We both started crying while sorting through her things.  We smelled the blanket & bunny rabbit, trying to get whatever scent remained of her.

The woman at Memories Bi-Design was very nice & helpful in making our decisions with placement of the items, etc.  We went with a white shadow box.  We saw the flowers at their current state and they look great.  The final product won't be complete until after Christmas.  It will be nice to get it all back and have it hanging on the wall.

Afterwards we went to Sofia's grave.  We wanted to bring something "Christmasy" and with color so I picked out some artificial flowers.  Red poinsettias, green filler and a single white rose.  My mom previously brought her a small wreath with ornaments and my sister brought a snowman and mittens with candy canes.  She also has a small tree that she'll be bringing soon.  She already has one of the most festive graves in the area.  It's the LEAST we can do for our baby this holiday season.  We cried more than usual this time.  I think because we really want her with us for Christmas and realize as we approach the holiday that it will never happen.

From Somewhere Over The Rainbow

From Somewhere Over The Rainbow


  1. I can't wait to see the final product! Christmas isn't the far away! Will b bitter sweet I'm sure to get those home! They really are beautiful!

  2. Yes, it will be nice to have them again. I hated to part with the little bunny rabbit. It's one item that I held often in her room because she held it in the hospital. It will be nice to have it protected in the box and have it displayed forever.