Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainbow Dream

Last night I had many strange dreams but the one that stands out the most was this...

I was in a car (I think I was a passenger) and it was late in the day, around sunset. On the horizon to my right I kept seeing beautiful rainbows in the sky. The colors were so vivid; much more so than in real life. I remember I had my cell phone in my hand and I kept trying to snap a photo of the rainbows but it was like I couldn't capture the rainbow. I kept trying and we kept driving and every time I snapped a photo the rainbow wasn't in the photo or it was blurry. There were a few rainbows; some were full, some were straight up & down (like the one we saw just before Sofia's death).

I'm not sure what that means, if anything. Maybe it means we are chasing our rainbow. I hope soon I have that dream again and capture the rainbow once & for all~

From Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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