Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coincidences - L&D Room

I was in bed last night thinking of Sofia and replaying everything in my mind for the millionth time and thought again about our labor & delivery room at the hospital.

Tim & I took "Prepared Childbirth" classes over the summer and it included a tour of the hospital's labor & delivery floor. We walked the whole floor and made it to the end of a long hallway to see one of their labor & delivery rooms. We all walked in the room and looked it over. I remember feeling nervous with anticipation for our big day and wondered what room we'd be in.

As it turns out, of all the rooms in that hospital, we ended up in that SAME room. We realized that when we were admitted on Oct. 11th.

I remember thinking that was ironic and last night when I really thought about it more I realized that Sofia was in that room with us when she was alive & kicking back when we took the tour! I'm not sure why that made me feel better but it did. I hated the idea that room was all about death...she was alive in that room with us at one point.

Another strange coincidence in that room was after Sofia was delivered I decided to change my Facebook profile picture from a maternity photo of myself to a picture I had taken of a large pink hibiscus flower from my Dad's yard. The next morning I was up & moving around, looking out the window, then turned to the wall that was behind my bed. On that wall was a large framed pink hibiscus flower.

Tim & I like to think that was Sofia's way of communicating to us.

See the hibiscus flower on the wall in this picture, on the left:
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This is the photo I changed my facebook profile photo to while in the hospital:
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