Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full Day Out of the House

Tuesday was a busy one.  I finally spent most of the day out of the house and it felt good.

One of my hobbies is photography and I have a part time business photographing newborns & children/families when time permits.  It's been awhile since I've taken photos so when an opportunity arose to photograph a friend's baby yesterday I went for it.  It felt good doing something I enjoy again.  The fact that it was a baby born just days after Sofia didn't bother me.  I put a few of the pics on my website blog ( as a sneak peek.  I've always enjoyed babies and photographing them and just because I can't photograph Sofia doesn't mean I will stop doing something I love.  I do wish I could photograph her though.  She would be such a beautiful baby model.

After the photo shoot I went with my mom for manicures & pedicures.  Mom was so nervous about it.  She  doesn't like other people touching her and she was very skeptical about doing it but I made her go with me.  It was a great gift from a teacher friend of hers - two gift cards for the mani/pedi combo for us to go together.  It was a nice hour of pampering and mom loved her nails.  A success!! She might even go again if someone goes with her...I think we can arrange that. ;)

The rest of the day was spent running errands.  Mom & Dad bought Tim & I silver pendant necklaces in memory of Sofia.  Tim's is a dog tag, mine is a heart with a custom birthstone charm.  Mom & I went to get mine engraved at Things Remembered.  They did a great job.  Tim rarely takes his off; he was so excited to receive it.

I picked up a couple picture frames for photos of Sofia.  One photo is of she & I and the other is with Tim.  We each wanted a photo framed next to the bed so we could see her every night before going to sleep.  Here are the photos we chose:

From Slideshow

From Slideshow

I finally can talk about Sofia without breaking down.  I can actually say, "My daughter died." and not fall to pieces.  I think repetitively talking about her has helped in a huge way.  I'm glad most people have been open to talking about her and asking us questions.  We hope that continues.  The holidays will be especially difficult emotionally.

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