Friday, November 12, 2010

Rainbow in the Sky

Until now I've only mentioned this story to a few people but I wanted to share this because it has meaning to Tim & I.

On the Saturday before Sofia was born we were in the car driving out of our neighborhood heading West. It was late in the day (we were on our way to dinner with Tim's parents). The sky was full of clouds but in the middle of them all was this very small colorful rainbow. It seemed out of place. There hadn't been any rain or storms. We both noticed it up in the sky ahead of us and commented on it.

Then Tim said something that would later give us chills... He patted my belly and pointed to the rainbow and said something like baby is up there right now playing with his/her friends until it's time to come out. I am borderline superstitious and I immediately got upset that he said this. He didn't mean anything bad by it, he was just being silly, but I was bothered by it. I just responded by saying no, he/she is in my belly, why would you say that!? It was an odd thing to have said.

We changed the subject and headed to dinner. Then tragedy hit. It wasn't until after Sofia died that we remembered that rainbow. I remember Tim pulling the car into the driveway, me looking at him and all I said was, "Do you remember that rainbow in the sky!?". He gave me a sinking look. At first it was a sad feeling but then we started to think maybe that was a sign from above, letting us know what was coming and that everything would be OK. We just weren't listening hard enough.

I'll never look at a rainbow the same way again.

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