Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sofia's Work

We already feel like Sofia has made an impact on this world, and she didn't even live to see it.

She has brought Tim & I closer (if that's even possible) and has brought a lot of thoughts and prayers our way.  She has made families more grateful for what they have and made them appreciate their children more.

Because of Sofia, a friend of mine, Raela, has asked her family in Afghanistan to purchase 100 naans (bread) to feed the poor.  That's food the poor would not have had if not for Sofia! How moving.

As a result of this, a friend of mine, Danielle, was inspired to send extra Christmas boxes to the needy in Africa, S. America, and Eastern Europe so that some children will have something this year.

My best girlfriend, Holly & husband Travis have a fire pot business and she asked me to help her design a fire pot in memory of Sofia and the proceeds will go to a charity of our choice!  It will be the gift that keeps on giving to others in need.

Tim's cousin Eileen & husband Damian made a gift donation to Children's Hospital & Medical Center in memory of Sofia.  Through gift donations they are able to offer hope and healing to others.

Thanks to my great friends Carrie & Todd, Nicole & Cory, we now have a beautiful tree planted in our front yard in memory of Sofia.  It's full of berries (crabapples) that will feed the birds this winter.

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I imagine this is just the start of Sofia's work.  It's amazing I can be so proud of our daughter and she never lived outside of my belly.  Her spirit lives on.


  1. Amazing...our little Sofia has made such a tremendous mark on this world and in all our hearts. As heartbreaking as it is to think that she isn't here, I am encouraged to find some positive light in this very tragic loss.

  2. This is so amazing! I love to think how Lily's Legacy is affecting people in many different ways and will continue to long after I'm gone :)